BrokerYard Webtrader

BrokerYard Webtrader 

WebTrader — future of social trade


Experience a desktop exchanging environment inside of a web program.

BrokerYard permits you to encounter a desktop exchanging environment inside of a web program.

This simple entry is particularly helpful for brokers signing into their record from various areas and gadgets.

The Webtrader handles a high volume of live information with upgrades continuously.

The user interface is simple and easy to use. The information appropriation in our webtrader is all continuously so you won’t think twice.

The webtrader additionally has a Push Server offering additional unwavering quality to viably disseminate quotes and order affirmations and alarms.



Advantages of WebTrader

After joining the community of traders the advantages of using of WebTrader network from BrokerYard will be opened for you:

  • Same username and password as Metatrader 4 account

  • Open a position with the web broker and close it inside of the Metatrader platform

  • Access from any PC, Mac or Linux workstations

  • Incorporated electronic diagramming


WebTrader platform from BrokerYard


Huge number of financial instruments

Simple and intuitive interface

Quotes in real time

Monitoring the status of accounts and trading desks

Graphs of various time periods, with the possibility of printing

Large number of technical indicators and tools

Ability to use custom indicators and automated trading programs

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